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Backflush Instruments

Backflush instruments combine our high precision ergonomic handle with our most popular cannulas into one convenient instrument. Put aspiration control at the tip of your finger.

  • Backflush Cannula products have a blunt cannula forgeneral aspiration.
  • Backflush FlexTip™ products have a soft 1mm silicone tip for aspiration at the retina surface.
  • Backflush Brush products have a soft 1.5mm silicone brush tip for gentle brushing and manipulation of the retina.
3280 Backflush Cannula 20g (Passive)
3281 Backflush FlexTip™ 20g (Passive)
3282 Backflush Brush 20g (Passive)
3284 Backflush FlexTip™ 20g (Active)
3286 Backflush Cannula 23g (Passive)
3287 Backflush FlexTip™ 23g (Passive)
3288 Backflush Brush 23g (Passive)
3290 Backflush FlexTip™ 23g (Active)
3291 Backflush Brush 23g (Active)
3293 Backflush FlexTip™ 25g (Passive)
3296 Backflush FlexTip™ 25g (Active)
3277 Backflush FlexTip™ 27g (Passive)
3278 Backflush FlexTip™ 27g (Active)