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MicroDose™ Injection Kit NEW

MicroDose™ Injection Kit

The MedOne MicroDose™Injection Kit adapts the viscous fluid injection (VFI) set from your vitrectomy machine to use a 1mL syringe. Ideal for low volume subretinal injections. Simply attach the kit to the VFI tubing set from the vitrectomy console and place a subretinal injection cannula on the tip. The kit allows full surgeon control of subretinal injection via console foot pedal with minimal fluid loss. Kit includes adapter and syringe. MicroDose™ Kit can be connected to the VFI tubing set from Constellation®, Stellaris® and EVA® systems.

Constellation® is a trademark of Alcon Laboratories, Stellaris® is a trademark of Valeant and EVA® is a trademark of Dutch Ophthalmic.

Developed in cooperation with David M. Brown, MD, Houston, TX USA

3275 MicroDose™ Injection Kit